Biomass Boiler Solutions

Non Domestic Biomass Boiler installations

If your farm or business uses Oil or LPG to heat its premises, PWR Bioheat Limited can offer a very cost-effective alternative solution to your heating needs.

Our ETA Hack Woodchip Biomass Boilers are among the highest specification boilers on the market today, and provide space heating, process heating and hot water for Dairy Farming and other processes.

PWR Bioheat Limited will look at your current heating requirements and will select the ideal ETA Hack Woodchip Biomas boiler to suit your premises.

We will upgrade your existing heating system if required, and install both the boiler and the fuel store for your new heating system.

By installing a high spec ETA Hack Biomass Boiler, you will qualify for the Non-Domestic RHI scheme administered by OFGEM.

We will assist you with applying to become part of that scheme, which will generate you an annual income based on the heat you use at your premises.

The RHI payment can range in value from a few thousand pounds to several tens of thousands of pounds depending on the size of boiler we install and your heat demand on it.

PWR Bioheat Lmited will advise you of the optimum boiler capacity for your particular site after we have surveyed your existing system.

Woodchip Drying Floor Installations

To compliment our woodchip production facility, PWR Bioheat Limited have installed two bespoke drying floors at our fuel production facility in Girvan, Ayrshire.

These floors have been designed by ourselves and each incorporate ETA Hack Woodchip Biomass Boilers to provide the heat essential for carrying out the drying of wood chips.

Our drying floors can be installed in a wide variety of sheds or containers, and connected to ETA Hack boilers of the correct capacity to facilitate the drying process.

Our floors can also be used for drying other materials, such as grain, so can form part of a wider drying facility.

Contact us to discuss your drying requirements or to visit our site to see for yourself what we can do for you.

Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

We have recently added Combined Heat & Power solutions to the services we are able to offer our clients. Wood Gasification CHP units use Wood Pellets to power converted engines to produce both Electricity and Heat (or Cooling).

Our systems offer 190kW of heat (or 140kW of cooling) PLUS 165kW of electricity. The economics of these systems are very favourable in the right installation locations.

If your business uses Heat (or requires Cooling/Refrigeration) and Electricity in high quantities, we may have a solution which massively decreases your Electricity and Heating bills.

Contact us for further details.

Biomass Boiler Heating Pods

PWR Bioheat Limited specialise in the installation of ETA Hack Woodchip Biomass Boilers, mainly for the farming and commercial sectors, where heating costs are considered high, and biomass heating benefits are greatest.

Our main installation area is in Ayrshire and the South West, but will consider installing systems elsewhere in the country if required.

Before installing a Biomass Boiler, you should consider which manufacturers offer the best performance, most reliable systems and technical backup of all on the market.

Before you make any final decision on your chosen Biomass Boiler Installation, call us. We aim to secure your business, through open and honest advice.

Woodchip Production & Sales

PWR Bioheat Limited can advise you on the best wood chippers available on the market today, which have been designed specifically to produce the ideal size of woodchips for biomass use.

If you live in an area of the country where forestry is on your doorstep, we can help you to source and process raw log supplies into Biomass Fuel for the wider biomass market.

Alternatively, purchase G30 chip from us. PWR Bioheat are now approved as BSL suppliers of wood chip and firewood logs.

Many of the top-of-the-range biomass boilers on the market today will successfully burn wet woodchip, but it is widely accepted that much dryer chip provides a more stable boiler operation.

We have therefore developed our own Biomass Drying Floor solution to allow the proper drying of wood chips for use in biomass boilers. 

Contact us for further information.

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