Firewood For Sale

If you need firewood for wood burning, we have an array of options for you. From softwood solutions to high-quality hardwood, we have it all. Our specialist wood production process means that you get the finest materials every time. We know that heating can be expensive. That is why we offer reasonable prices across the board. When you choose our business, we will create bespoke wood logs for your wood-burning stove.

Experts in firewood

Our teams of specialists source the best wood from Scottish Woodlands. Based in Edinburgh, the company manages forests on behalf of landowners. Since they are conscious of the environment, they harvest timber and plant new trees to replace it. That means that the wood we supply does not have an adverse impact on the natural world. Scottish Woodlands are a major supplier of biomass energy, which is why we trust them when it comes to wood.

Once we have the raw wood, we begin to treat it. Each of our products goes through a rigorous process before they reach you, our customers. We ensure that the wood meets industry standards. That means that you can always trust our services when you want logs for your fire. We understand that there is many firewood suppliers but believe that none are as efficient and affordable as ours. Our team produces some of the best quality materials out there, and so we are well worth your time. So, what do we offer?

Hardwood Logs For Sale

We supply our customers with two types of firewood. The first is kiln dried hardwood logs. For this product, we use ash or beech wood. The process to create this popular product is long and intense. We ensure that all logs have low moisture content before we ship them to people around the country. Our hardwood products are always big sellers. In fact, they provide just what people need at a reasonable price.

We supply hardwood logs to private homes all over the country. No matter how much firewood you need, we can help you. When you contact our team, we will make the entire process as easy as it can be.

Softwood Logs For Sale

If you prefer softwood, rather than hardwood, we have just the solution for you. Our kiln dried softwood logs are second to none. We use Douglas Fir and Spruce for our softwood, which means that it is the best in the business. One of the great advantages of this firewood is the fact that it is 100% sustainable. When you choose this type of wood, it will have no impact on the environment. We believe in the value of sustainable and renewable energy. That is why we use a special process when it comes to the production of our softwood.

When it comes to the environment, it is crucial that we think about the future. By using wood that is sustainable, we can ensure that we don't leave any lasting damage to the planet. We offer this brilliant service at no extra cost to you.

Our firewood is a better option than small nets of woods

If you want to make your money stretch a little further than it is now, our firewood is ideal. Unlike mainstream shops, we don't sell wood in small nets. Instead, we supply our customers with wood by the pallet load. In reality, this method of buying firewood is the most affordable.