Wood Chip Production Process

Wood Chip Production Process

Learn about the steps in our wood chip production process

Our biomass woodchip adheres to the non-domestic RHI Renewable Incentive Scheme. From October 5th 2015 using only sustainable biomass fuel became a mandatory part of the scheme.

Any business not using this type of fuel cannot receive their RHI payments.

Please note this wood chip production process varies slightly when we create decorative wood chips.

Delivery of Wood from Scottish Woodlands

Step 1 : Delivery

We work with Scottish Woodlands to supply us with raw logs. The process starts when the team delivers 3.7-metre raw logs to our production facility.

Step 2 : Stacking

Our team stacks the logs near to the process. Raw logs are ready to use at this point.

Wood Log Stacking
Wood log lifting

Step 3 : Lifting

Our team uses only the latest industry equipment when it comes to our wood chipping process. We use a Botex crane to lift the raw timber and feed it into the mouth of the wood chipper.

Step 4 : Chipping

We specialise in G30 size wood chips. The large chipper breaks down the logs to this size, approximately 30 millimetres. We have three different sets of blades that carry out this process. The internal screens of the chipper work to cut each chip to this shape and size. Anything larger than 33 mm cannot pass through the machine.

Wood Chipping
Wood Chip Blowing

Step 5 : Blowing

Once we have created the wood chips a blower then moves the chips into an agricultural trailer. We use this vehicle to transport the wood chips to the drying floor for the next part of this important process.

Step 6 : Drying

We stack around 40-50 tonnes of wet wood chip on the drying floor. These wood chips have 50% moisture content. Our specialists then use 400 Kw of Biomass-Powered Heat to dry the woodchips. This part of the process takes between two and three days.

Wood Drying
Wood Moisture Content

Step 7 : Sampling

By the third day, we should have reduced the moisture content to around 25%. We sample the woodchips at this point to make sure that we have the quality we need.

Step 8 : Shipping

Finally, the wood chip is ready for delivery or collection. We weight the wood chip to make sure that it meets customer requirements. Sometimes, when customers order more than just one shipment, we store the chips in a warehouse.

Wood Chip Delivery