Kiln Dried Logs and Wood Chips

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PWR Bioheat Ltd Girvan Ayrshire

Wood Logs and Biomass Wood Chips for sale from PWR Bioheat Ltd

PWR Bioheat Ltd produce, dry and sell wood logs and biomass wood chip at our production and drying company based in Girvan, Ayrshire processing up to 10,000 tons of logs and wood chip for domestic homes and the biomass industry.

For homes that use firewood as their fuel source, PWR Bioheat supply and sell online firewood and deliver to most mainland UK towns and cities.

From installations of ETA Hack biomass boilers to woodchip and firewood log production & sales, PWR Bioheat Limited can provide a full turnkey solution for those businesses and farms that wish to make the switch to a biomass boiler.

We have developed our own woodchipping, drying and log making facility in Girvan, Ayrshire and can supply wood-based fuel and associated products to our clients.

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Telephone Sales: 01465 715155