Forced Dried Kiln Wood Logs

Kiln dried wood logs are the most popular firewood for wood burning stoves and log burners.

Our team is experienced in the production and supply of high-quality firewood.

Over the years, we have perfected a force drying system unlike others. This unique innovation speeds up the wood drying process.

Rather than waiting 18 months for your wood logs to dry naturally, you now wait a few days.

We believe our process of drying kiln hardwood logs and softwood logs produces predictable and reliable moisture content and sets us apart from other wood suppliers.

Risk of sourcing your wood yourself

Many people believe that the easiest way to get wood for their fire is to source it themselves.

This approach can carry many dangers and issues.

We believe it is outdated for homeowners to source their own firewood.

If you are using a chainsaw, you could put yourself and others at risk.

You should only use this machinery if you have the knowledge and expertise to do so safely.

The right moisture content.

If you don't have experience in drying wood and rely on the UK’s inconsistent weather, you will have issues producing the ideal moisture content for your wood.

If the moisture content is wrong, the firewood logs may not burn.

Cost of storing wood.

To ensure the wood dries, you will need to store it for months or even years.

Our kiln drying process (also referred to as force drying)

We believe that we have the ideal solution to your wood supply needs.

Our drying process is an optimum way to get wood ready for burning.

Rather than having waiting 18 months for wood to dry naturally, you can order online and receive firewood in 2 or 3 days.

The types of wood logs we offer

We offer both kiln dried softwood logs and kiln dried hardwood logs.

When choosing which wood type is right for you, it is important that you understand what to look for.

The difference between hardwood logs and softwood logs

Hardwood logs tend to be either ash or beech wood.

Softwood logs are usually Douglas fir and spruce.

If you want a quick burning fire, softwood is likely to be the best option.

Many people use these kiln dried softwood logs to get their fire going quickly.

Hardwood logs are ideal if you want a long burn.