About PWRBioheat

PWR Bioheat Ltd are wood suppliers based in Girvan, Ayrshire, Scotland 

We are a leading supplier of firewood, wood chips for sale and biomass services based in Girvan, Ayrshire. We work with both domestic and non-domestic customers throughout the UK. 

Robstone Farm, Girvan, Ayrshire

Choosing PWR Bioheat as your wood chip or wood log supplier

We have the expertise to create reliable and consistent fuel sources. We have a specialist wood log and wood chip production and drying facility in Girvan, Ayrshire. 

Wood Logs For Home Use

If your home is heated with a wood burning stove and log burner you can order from us and we can deliver wood near to your door.

Our wood logs are of high industry standards, which mean that they offer you a long burn time.

Our kiln hardwood logs and softwood logs online or telephone us during office hours on 01465 715155.

Wood Chip for non-Domestic Biomass Boilers

If your business or farm has already dedicated itself to producing renewable heat, G30 wood chip are for sale from PWR Bioheat.

PWR Bioheat woodchip is approved as BSL suppliers of wood chip and firewood logs.

If you live in an area where forestry is nearby, we can help you to source and process raw log supplies into biomass fuel.


Experts in the field

Every year we produce up to 10,000 tons of dry wood chip for the biomass industry. Our production base in Girvan, Ayrshire produces and delivers firewood and woodchip to many farms, domestic properties and industries.

BSL Authorised 

We are a BSL Authorised producer of wood, which means that we adhere to their industry standards and business with biomass boilders can only receive RHI payments when they choose a registered supplier such as PWR Bioheat Limited.

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