Wood Buying Advice

When you are buying fuel for your stove, it is crucial that you know what to look for and what to avoid.

If you fail to get the right fuel, you could damage your stove and waste your money.

Moisture Content of Wood Logs is very important

You need wood that has around 20% moisture content.

This is the optimal percentage if you want a long burn time and it is the most important piece of buying advice we can offer.

Wood Log Moisture Measurement

BSL approval

Please look for the right wood certification from your supplier. A wood log suppliers website should carry BSL certification.

When you see your supplier has this certification then you can trust the quality and origin of the wood logs.

Where your wood comes from and what standard it is?

We work with Scottish Woodlands to offer you a sustainable product each time and you can check our accreditations on the BSL website.

Regular supply of wood

When you need fuel for your stove, you will need it on a regular basis. Some suppliers cannot offer you a steady supply of high-quality firewood.

Scottish Woodlands are our main supplier and with supply contracts in place we have a reliable and steady supply of wood.

Wood suppliers to avoid

You should buy your firewood from a legitimate supplier. We recommend you avoid auction, listing websites and classified adverts.

Wood log storage

You may need to store an entire winter's worth of wood. Sellers provide wood in volume measurement in cubic metres. That means that it should be easy to calculate the space you need.

Wood buying advice

Check the wood fits your stove or log burner

Our firewood is 25 cm long and 80-150 mm in diameter.

Ensure that this size fits your stove before you make an order.

Wood Delivery Times

You should consider the length of time it takes to order and receive wood.

If you have an inconsistent supply, you could do some serious damage to your wood stove as well as having a cold house.

Primary Goal of Buying Wood

Your primary goal should be to find a consistent, sustainable source of wood.

If you follow this wood log buying guide, we are confident that you will get firewood logs on time, at the ideal price, quality and moisture content level.

And above all, a roaring fire in your home.