Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

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PWR Bioheat sell kiln dried (forced) hardwood logs. Our hardwood logs come from a sustainable resource in Scotland, which means that there is limited harm to the environment. We have perfected a log drying process that means that you can receive your hardwood logs 2 or 3 days after ordering.

Detailed information about our hardwood logs.

Size per unit

We sell 1 m3 kiln dried hardwood logs as standard. Logs are consistent in both size and moisture content. You can order BSL certified or non-BSL certified hardwood logs.

Ethically sourced hardwood

We are 100% transparent about where our wood comes from and how we treat it. We source all our raw wood from the Scottish Woodlands organisation. They specialise in ethical materials, which means that the wood we use is always sustainable. When they cut down a tree, they plant more in its place. This way you can get an excellent renewable energy source at a reasonable price.

Information about our kiln (force) dried hardwood logs

We use beech and ash hardwood as standard. Before we sell hardwood logs, they undergo a rigorous cutting and drying process. We ensure that each log has the ideal moisture content. Our drying floor system (forced dried) means that we can dry wood quickly and supply ready to burn hardwood logs.

Measurements and wood information

Approximate Log Length: 25 cm

Approximate Log Diameter: 80-150mm

Moisture Content: sub 20% 

Ash Content: typically 1%

Energy/ Calorific Value: 3600-4000 Kwh 

Certified wood suppliers

You have the option of ordering BSL certified hardwood logs.

BSL Authorised is required when claiming payments from Ofgem for usage of fuel used.

How long will delivery take?

On average, you should allow around two to three days for delivery. Please be aware that sometimes these times may change.

You can collect from us free of charge otherwise all local deliveries we deliver ourselves by truck without the pallet.

* We only deliver to the South Ayrshire.

You can read the full delivery and shipping terms here.