Wood chip for biomass boilers

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We sell biomass woodchip for non-domestic biomass boilers. We use our own bespoke designed drying floor to make sure that we have consistent moisture content for biomass woodchip.

Unit size per order

We sell biomass wood chips by the tonne. We are rigorous in ensuring that we always have a consistent level of quality and moisture content.

Ethically sourced wood

We are 100% clear about how we source and treat our wood. We work with the Scottish Woodlands organisation to deliver this sustainable fuel to our customers. When Scottish Woodlands cuts down a tree, they replant it. That means that woodchip have no negative impact on the environment.

RHI compliant wood chips

We produce biomass wood chips for five of our own ETA biomass boilers. At PWR Bioheat, our wood chips are RHI compliant. Only by providing this standard of this woodchip can we maintain our RHI payments over the long term. Our biomass woodchips meet the requirements of the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

Information about our biomass wood chips

For a reliable, consistent moisture content and supply of biomass wood chip you can work with PWR Bioheat Ltd. If you wish to visit our production facility or discuss your existing fuel source, please get in touch.

Measurements and information about our biomass wood chips

●Min Order Qty: 1

●Origin: Scottish Woodlands

● P31s  M25 Moisture Content: 25 % or lower

●Sold per tonne


Measurements and information about our biomass wood chips 

Min Order Qty: 1

Origin: Scottish Woodlands

Moisture Content: 25 %

Sold per tonne

How long does delivery take?

Our biomass woodchip customers are generally located in and around Ayrshire where supply of biomass wood chips is arranged and scheduled on a per client basis. Please contact us for pricing and delivery. 

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